Narayana e-champs

Narayana e-champsis the primary section of Narayana Group of Schools established in 2006, with an aim of guiding young minds to tread the path of curiosity and confidence.

e - champs curriculum enables the child to grow on multiple dimensions making them open minded, caring and ethical individuals.

Why e-champs?

e-champs has a group of educators who are committed to make learning a Joy of experience.


Curriculum on par with International Standards

As per the NCF (National Curriculum Framework), we adhere to NCERT norms following CBSE curriculum.

  • Well-framed micro schedules for scholastic and co-scholastic areas.
  • Experienced teachers who employ child-centered holistic teaching methods.
  • Creative Teaching & Learning Materials (TLMs) to strengthen sensorial learning, fine and gross motor skills.
  • Higher order thinking is suitably coupled with academic aptitude enrichment where reasoning, logical ability and analytical skills are enriched.
  • Conveying ability training in Soft skills and effective communication ( Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills).
  • Fun-filled productive activities for creative expression of thoughts.
  • e-projects and audio-visual interactions, which equip e-champs to be tech-savvy individuals.
  • Enhancement of life skills like self awareness, problem-solving, social etiquette, interpersonal relationships, empathy and team work.


The following kaleidoscopic hand on study materials takes care of multifaceted development in our e-champs students

  • Moxie booklets: to reinforce academic concepts
  • Academic-Aptitude booklets: to strengthen high order thinking.
  • 'Boogie-Woogie' booklets: to fostering learning through fun-filled activities
  • Abacus booklets: to Hone math skills.
  • Project booklets: to Nurture scientific outlook
  • Grammar books: to bring language comprehension to the forefront.
  • Monthly Robinage magazine: to Showcase innate talents of e-champs
  • NTOP Study Material: Special emphasis for competitive exams


Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)

  • Teachers at Narayana e-champs evaluate the child’s body of work and daily classroom activities, recording each development on categorized progress charts.
  • They comprehensively recognize different milestones achieved through the process, especially to identify the student’s area of interest, and create a portfolio for regular appraisal of his or her overall performance.

The following are specific formative and summative assessments that we undertake under our evaluation method:

  • Activity-based assessments for identification of varied interest areas.
  • Performance assessments through task-based performance.
  • Objective-type tests for basic language structure.
  • Group performance assessments through objective-type tests.
  • Comprehension and memory skills through dictation tests.
  • Individual and group project assessments for team-work and harmony.
  • English Language Lab assessments for vocabulary building and pronunciation.
  • Narayana Target Olympiad programme (N-TOP) that prepare students for future competitive examinations.
  • Reward-based system that encourages positive behaviours in accepting challenges.

Unique Features

  • School Ambience: Narayana e-Champs host’s well-furnished and maintained classrooms, e-labs and supporting equipment, all designated for a dynamic ambience.

  • Uniformity across branches: e-champs insists on maintaining commonality throughout all branches in its scheduling, teaching, examination and analysis plans by providing a uniform platform that will help them in reaching newer heights in future.

  • Media Literacy(VCAN): Video conferencing at Narayana (VCAN programme) is also an available provision to students’ advantage, for cross country communication and interactive programmes.

  • Events and Clubs: A harmonious balance between social integrity and traditional values in students is encouraged at e-champs through major school events and clubs. The numerous nature of its demonstration lends from the implementation of the following programmes

  • Contests: Mind Space, Puppetry, Fun with Veggies, Picture Portrayal, Calligraphy, Weaving and Craft, Spell Bee, Mapping and Origami.
  • Events: Annual Academic Fest, Indian Multicultural Fest, Fashion & You, Sport Meet, Number Mania, Zoom Art, Young Architect, Sculpture Art, Doodling and Master Chef Narayana
  • Encouraging awards: Based on conscientiously decided criteria, we reward our students with superlative titles, encouraging them to pursue a positive future.

    Certificate of Excellence.

    Certificate of Yes You Achieved It.

    Certificate of Best Performer of The Year.

    Certificate of Best All Rounder of The Year.

  • Partnering with parents: The continuous all-round development at Narayana e-Champs warrants the need as well as the enthusiasm for teachers to partner with parents in sharing inputs, suggestions and progress of their children, all to ensure the best future for them. For this purpose, Parents Orientation Programme is institutionalized as routine at e-champs schools so that they are aware of the course plan, making them active participants in their child’s growth towards learning process.