Why Us

Empowering students is the mantra

Narayana encourages young minds to not only to listen, but also to be heard. From early on, they are prepared to take calculated risks, go the extra mile and become exemplary professionals in their chosen fields. All this in an environment of caring and sharing. Thus, imparting holistic education is the hallmark of Narayana.

The commitment and passion

Learner centered education is the intrinsic goal of Narayana. Narayana has committed itself to enriching the way education is imparted. This commitment and passion strengthens Narayana’s vision to empower students to make them future global leaders.

Narayana Micro Schedule for your Mega Success

Narayana Micro Schedule, a revolutionary innovative educational technology, is developed by a team of eminent professors and lecturers who have extensive academic and research experience.

The trendsetting Micro Schedule is a plan of day to day, hour to hour schedule for the students to follow during the academic year. This Micro Plan is distributed among all the students and teachers as well at the beginning of the academic year and followed precisely.

This extraordinary planning coupled with the precise execution is the reason for securing top ranks by Narayana students year after year.

Narayana Micro Schedule also plays its role as a monitoring system that evaluates the progress of the student continuously and makes changes to the teaching and preparation plans from time to time as demanded by the academic programmes introduced for the academic benefit of the student.

How Narayana Enriches

  • Career Oriented Coaching Right from Schooling
  • Narayana offers strong foundation and promises best subject knowledge enhancement with different methodologies of foundation & implementation for all the Medical & Engineering streams related competitive courses & entrance examinations.
  • Narayana gives global edge to every student through International Olympiads.
  • Develops life skills like Communication & Interpersonal skills
  • Decision making and critical thinking
  • Self – management
  • Leadership qualities
  • Language empowerment.